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Ceramic for painted or aluminium rims 



Ceramics for painted or aluminium rims.

In order to guarantee a very durable protection against all exterior agressions that the wheels encounter and more specially with a tolerance to high temperatures (900°C), use Car lift Rims.

On the same composition as the other Car Lift protections (SIO2 and TIO2), RIMS will prevent from the dust from still hot wafers from penetrating deep into the rim varnishes.

Car Lift Rims will also allow other sources of contamination (tar, oil, fat etc.) to avoid sticking to the rims.

Thus, your regular washing will be clearly facilitated.

The brillance of rims treated with RIMS will be significantly improved. 
We advise you to use Wheel or Drift in routine maintenance.

Be sure to keep the treated rims dry for at least 12 hours after treatment. 

Ceramic treatment for Rims

Protection 15 000 / 12 months

High temperature Protection 900°C 

Hydrophobic protection


Kit with 30ml or 100ml vial, microfibers wax and an applicator.

PREPARE the surface before the treatment (washing, decontamination and ideally a finition polish).

DEGREASING mandatory and meticulous with Paddock.

POUR a line of product over the microfiber wax 10x10cm wrapped around the applicator.

SPREAD over an area of 60x60cm by first detonating the edges. 

LET stand around 40-60 seconds.

WIPE with a microfiber without residual oily veil.

Second layer 2h after.

KEEP the vehicle dry at least 12 hours.


Be sure to be well lit before applying the ceramic. 

Wear a mask and protection gloves.

Work in a ventilated environment without surrounding dust.

Avoid contact with moisture during the application.


Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi. 

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