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Sprayable ceramic protection for a durability of one year.



Sprayable ceramic protection for a durability of one year.

Ceramic protection multi-supports fast and easy to use.

It is a brand new product, new to the market. One is a liquid-based protection that can be sprayed directly onto the substrate and provides a ceramic-based protection with a durability of approximately 1 year.

The principle is simple : the 100ml bottle is proposed to spray 2 layers on a medium size car (50ml/ layer). The first layer will be apply after preparation of the support, the second, 6 months later.

1 product, 1 vial, 1 car, 1 year ! 

You will not find any protection easier to apply, allowing a very good durability, and especially with a good a result as shiny as One!

If you already use Car Glass, you will not be disappointed with One, because you will find its ease of application and its super silky touch.

Note that the concentration of silicon dioxide (SIO2) of One is boosted to more than 20%, which is the level of protection. 

This is why One should be considered as a ceramic treatment and not as a simple Ceramic Wax spray.

thus, it will be imperative to observe a dry holding time of the vehicle once treated of minimum 12h before exposing it to water (rain, washing etc.).

The preparation of the substrate (pre-washing/washing/decontamination and ideally polishing) will be paramount for the good holding of One.

Application possible on every varnished support or raw (bodywork, wheel, windows, plastics, etc). 


PREPARE the support to treat (washing, decontamination and ideally polishing)


SHAKE the bottle before use

SPRAY one directly onto surfaces to be treated.

SPREAD top to bottom from left to right with a good microfiber.

WIPE with a microfiber and without pressure. 

KEEP the vehicle dry for a minimum of 12 hours.


Work in a ventilated environment without surrounding dust.

Avoid contact with moisture during the application.


Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi. 

H302 Nocif en cas d'ingestion. 

H317 Peut provoquer une allergie cutanée.

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