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Car "wash & wax" shampoo, carnauba wax.



Car "wash&wax" shampoo, carnauba wax.

Shampoo for the bodywork loaded with wax will allow a fine protection after cleaning. Washing a vehicle is good, leaving a think layer of protection when washing is better ! That's why we decided to create Wax bubble.

All the brand shampoos will allow a shiny finish, but Wax Bubble will offer in addiction to slightly wax your vehicle as it passes. Indeed the formulation of Wax Bubble involves Carnauba, element that is found in natural waxes in its own right. The Carnauba will allow you to obtain a really wet and shiny finish after washing while creating a light hydrophobic film on the surface, thus making your future washing even easier.

Still in neutral PH, Wax bubble will be safe on all types of protection applied on varnishes (natural wax, synthetic etc) and better, it will recharge them after each wash!

A high quality shampoo to use preferably on vehicle waxed for regular washes.


SHAKE before use

POUR 35ml of Wax bubble in a 3L bucket.

APPLY on a wet carbody with z washing sponge

LET STAND 4 to 5 minutes

RINSE with clear water


To be used on a vehicle in shadow and on a cold carbody.

Preferably use a soft or a microfiber washing glove.

Rinse with plenty of water without letting the shampoo dry on the carbody.


Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi. 

H302 Nocif en cas d'ingestion. 

H317 Peut provoquer une allergie cutanée.

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