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Quick detailer, Carnauba wax.



Quick detailer, carnauba wax

Washing product without water waxing for shining bodywork.

SPRINT is a product of a rare versatility. In addition to its heady scent, this product will allow you to treat almost arm workstations on a vehicle. In pure use, ready to use, it will be perfect for the dust removal of a vehicle, or even for the water-free cleaning of a slightly dirty base. The result left by SPRINT will be very bright because of the base composed of carnauba wax.

Surfaces treated with SPRINT will have a pleasant soft touch. The protection left thanks to carnauba will allow a hydrophobic side very used to facilitate your future washes.

SPRINT can be used without risk on the bodywork, on the rims, on the windows, raw plastics and varnishes, chromes etc..

In 1:1 dilution (50% water product) you can even use SPRINT in lubricant clay to help you with the decontaminate.


SHAKE before use.

SPRAY on cold surface

SPREAD and dry with a thick microfibre


Always have a SPRINT bottle in the trunk to clean any source of contamination (bird droppings, traces of fat, midge veil etc.)


Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi. 

H302 Nocif en cas d'ingestion. 

H317 Peut provoquer une allergie cutanée.

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