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5 in 1 Cleansing Foam.



5 in 1 Cleansing Foam

Swift is a universal cleaner by excellence. Its generous foam can be used on almost every supports (fabrics, carpets, seats, roof, aluminium and chromes, windows, plexiglas etc). The action of Swift is not only cleansing but also purifying and deodorizing. After its use (specially for interiors) it will leave a fresh smell while also eliminating the bad odors present. The advantage of Swift is its aerosol format, really easy to use and less tiring that a classic spray. You spray, you let it act, shake if needed, wipe, and it's done ! 

Compatible with any smooth, porous, laminated or not.


SHAKE the aerosol.

SPRAY 20cm from the support in order to create a generous foam.

LET it act 20 secondes. If needed lightly brush the washable surfaces. 

WIPE with a microfiber or rinse. 


Avoid the application on the alcantara. Do not let it dry without wiping or rinsing. 


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