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Ceramic treatement for motorbike.



Ceramic treatment for motorbikes.

The Car Lift range has been made to offer to the user all the know-how of Fictech in terms of technology with the aim of offering products that are easy to install with a spectacular and very durable result.

Car Lift Motorbike is the first ceramic of the motorcycle range. By opting for Car Lift motorbike, you choose a very long-lasting protection. 

We have developed a hybrid ceramic protection, to be applied on all supports of a motorcycle such as glossy paints, matt, carbon, chrome, engine, helmets...

We therefore offer 1 product to treat the entire motorcycle.

With Car Lift Motorbike, the maintenance of a motorbike will become much easier and faster. 

It will always be possible (and we recommend) to apply 2 layers of Car Lift motorbike on your varnish for more protection and shine.

A ceramic protection of this quality will require a careful preparation of the support (pre-washing, washing, decontamination, polishing and especially degreasing).

Careful wiping in a well-lit room will be required to avoid any residual trace that would be difficult to make up once the treatment has dried. 

Car lift motorbike requires some precautions of use but you will ensure the best of the existing protections (ceramic), with a great ease of maintenance. 


Kit with 30ml, 50ml or 100ml vial, microfibers wax and an applicator.

PREPARE the surface before the treatment (washing, decontamination and ideally a finition polish). Use the Motorbike range.

DEGREASING mandatory and meticulous with Paddock.

POUR a line of product over the microfiber wax 10x10cm wrapped around the applicator.

SPREAD over an area of 60x60cm by first detonating the edges. 

APPLY in straight cross motions (criss-cross).

LET stand between 1min and 2min depending on the temperature condition

WIPE with a double-sided microfiber and then with a 40x40cm microfiber wax.

Second layer 2h after.

KEEP the motorcycle dry at least 12 hours.


Be sure to be well lit before applying the ceramic. 

Wear a mask and protection gloves.

Work in a ventilated environment without surrounding dust.

Avoid contact with moisture during the application.


Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi. 

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