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Powerful cleaner for breaks, fast drying 



Powerful cleaner for breaks, fast drying.

Very powerful cleaner for disc or drum braking systems. 

Brakes will allow deep cleaning against fatty or metallic deposits present on braking devices, whether disc or drum. Usable on cables, metal pads, trimmings, etc.

Brakes is a great tool for cars, motorcycles and even bikes.

Its powerful degreasing action will allow you to regain an optimal level of operation of your braking system.


SHAKE the aerosol, spray o parts to be cleaned from top to bottom, allow to act.

If necessary, brush, scrape, thick deposits or wipe. 

SPRAY directly on the surfaces to be treated or on a microfiber.

WIPE with a clean microfiber and bag or slightly impregnated with product. 

REPEAT the operation in the case of supports that are particularly difficult to clean.


As for any cleaner on sensitive plastic substrates, rubbers, paints, fresh paints, perform a prior compatibility test before spraying.

Avoid directly contact with joints and other  sensitive parts. 


Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi. 

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