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Quick wax with ceramic base SIO2.



Quick wax with ceramic base SIO2.

Quick protection base SIO2 in alone use or in addition to a ceramic protection of the CARLIFT range. Car Gliss is undoubtely one of the flagship products of our brand. We put all our know-how in its formulation to offer you a product of disconcerting ease of application while offering shine, incredible touch and long-lasting protection.

It is a fast protection (Quick Wax) based on silicon dioxide (SIO2) but also titanium (TIO2) allowing a sustainable hydrophobic protection over several weeks even many months according to the use of the vehicle.

Car Gliss can also be applied alone after a good preparation of the base or in addition to a car lift protection initially applied during the maintenance phase after washing for example. 

The versatility of this product is no longer to be demonstrated. It can be used on the bodywork, varnish or matte, on rough plastics or varnishes, rims, raw metals without risk.

With Car Gliss you choose the fastest protection for a product to be sprayed. 


CLEAN the surface before any treatment (washing, decontamination, degreasing).

SHAKE the bottle before use

SPRAY directly onto surfaces to treat or on a microfiber.

WIPE without waiting with a good microfiber and without pressure. You can use a second microfiber if needed. 


Always avoid using Car Glass on a hot surface or in full sun. 

You can use Car gliss by waterproofing your Carlift ceramic layer once applied if you don't have time to dry the vehicle for 12 hours.


Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi. 

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