• SCRATCH- Polish STEP 2



Polish intense. Step 2.



Polish intense, Step 2.

Medium grain polish (intensive polish) for moderate defect protection.

Step 2- Scratch is the ultra-versatile polish of our brand. It will be the first one to be used in the correction phase of varnish to verify that its action may be sufficient to eliminates surface defects.

If Step2- Scratch is insufficient, then switch to Step 1- Cut.

The balance between the abrasive and finishing grain of Step 2- Scratch is ideally placed and will allow a very good correction  while leaving a finish without trace.

Step 2- Scratch will be the polish to be used for the correction of moderate defects usually encountered on a vehicle (light micro-scratches, swirls, holograms) or for the polishing finish. Its very abrasive grain based on quartz and titanium will allow to go back to the rotating machine of sanding well executed in 2000 with water.

It is recommended to use Step 2- Scratch  with an intermediate pad (foam tampon) ((polishing pad) or finishing to accentuate the passage on the finistion.

Useable with a rotative or orbital machine.

This polish has been designed for al types of paints, varnishes or direct gloss. It may be useful for correcting varnished plastic parts (for example, door post) or polycarbonate lights.

the level of finish allowed by Step 2- Cut is remarkable. However, it will be highly recommended to use Step 3- Swirl on delicate paints or finishes (black varnishes, lacquers, etc.-

Formulation without any filler or silicone.


WASH and dry the vehicle

SHAKE the bottle before use

OPERATE away from the sun

APPLY a small amount onto the PAD

POLISH Rotation - Orbital

PAD Yellow pad

SPEED 1100 - 1400 tr/min

PRO TIPS: Always avoid working a polish on hot surfaces and/or in full sun.


Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi. 

Specific References


Fiche technique SCRATCH FR

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